About us

Aims, commitments, and values of the Institute of Primary Health Care (BIHAM)

We aim

  • To train and foster the next generation of primary care physicians
  • To train medical students in primary care
  • To train and foster researchers and teachers in primary care and related areas
  • To strengthen the development of primary care at a cantonal and national level
  • To carry out high quality research in primary care and related areas

We commit

  • To promote evidence based, high value, safe, patient centered, data informed, and sustainable health care
  • To strengthen collaboration in primary care and related areas at the cantonal, national, and international level for research, teaching and postgraduate training
  • To prevent waste of resources in research and teaching

We value

  • Excellence and dedication
  • Scientific integrity, methodological rigor, ethic, and transparency in research
  • Innovation in teaching, research, and postgraduate training
  • Collaborative working
  • Mutual acceptance and esteem