Carmen Floriani, MD, is working as a research fellow in the team of Professor Streit at BIHAM. After completing her training in Internal Medicine at Inselspital and Spital Emmental she started working as head of department in Spital Emmental. The focus of her research activity is deprescribing and optimization of pharmacotherapy in oldest-old and frail patients. The aim of her project, supported by a grant of SAMW/Bangerter, is the creation of a deprescribing guideline and patient decision aid tool for general practitioners to deprescribe antihypertensives in oldest-old and frail patients. She is also attending a master in epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (distant learning). At our institute she collaborates to the realisation of further projects such as the OPTICA trial.

  • Optimization of Polypharmacy
  • Deprescribing
  • Guideline creation
  • Epidemiology