It is at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences that Dr. Bartlomiej Niznik was first exposed to research. The completion of his Master of Science thesis strongly sparked his interest in effectiveness of medicine usage, improvement in patient safety and quality of care. Of all the topics that he has had the opportunity to research, he found these studies to be the most rewarding with patients. Moreover, he is interested in researching several fields of pharmacy, particularly studying drug misuse in Primary Care and medicine safety of pregnant women.

After completing his master's degree in pharmacy, he decided to take a break from academia in order to get a better grasp of practical pharmacy. Thus, he moved to Great Britain, where he could widen his professional experience, working as a pharmacist in different pharmacies around the country. He very much like running a pharmacy and working with patients, yet he could never get the thought out of his head, that the most enjoyable part of his working life might be scientific research, teaching and sharing his knowledge and findings with future generation of researchers. Therefore, after seven years of working as a community pharmacist he decided that a PhD at the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department at Poznan University of Medical Sciences might be the perfect fit. After completing his PhD in pharmaceutical sciences, he joined the Institute of Primary Health Care (BIHAM) in February 2022.

  • Community pharmacy practice
  • Interdisciplinary & Interprofessional Collaboration in Primary Care
  • Drug misuse in Primary Care
  • Medication safety esp. during pregnancy