Rohrbasser Adrian, MSc in Evidence Based Healthcare

Forscher an der Universität Oxford, Adjunkt Forscher an der Universität Bern

Mittelstrasse 43, 3012 Bern

Adrian Rohrbasser, MSc in Evidence Based Health Care, is a general practitioner working for medbase Health Care Centres in Wil, SG and an adjunct researcher at the BIHAM. Rohrbasser trained in general practice in rural areas in northern Sweden, in collaboration with the University of Uppsala. He is passionate about teaching, learning and training, which he combines with his GP work. As a practitioner, trainer and facilitator, and part of the management team of medbase, he is familiar with all levels of quality improvement in Swiss primary health care and is interested in researching and developing quality circles. Since 2014, this has been the topic of his research at the University of Oxford, Department of Continuing Education, where he is working on a DPhil in Evidence Based Health Care. He belongs to the quality committee of the Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine and of the European Society of Quality and Safety in Family Practice. There he heads working groups for quality circles that promote knowledge translation and quality improvement in primary health care. He joined the BIHAM in 2018.

  • Quality improvement in primary health care
  • Quality circles in primary health care
  • Implementation and dissemination science (primary health care)