Dr. Kali Tal, PhD is an interdisciplinary social sciences and humanities scholar, and the scientific editor and grant writer for the BIHAM.  She is also affiliated with the FBB Bühlplatz, where she designs the Medical Writing curriculum and teaches a variety of medical writing courses.  Tal was trained in Cultural Studies (interdisciplinary qualitative methods) at Yale University, where she received an American Studies PhD for her interdisciplinary exploration of psychological trauma across three populations: Holocaust survivors; combat veterans; and, rape and incest survivors.  She has been a Lecturer at Yale, Wesleyan, The University of Maryland, George Mason University, and the Free University of Berlin. From 1996 to 2006, she was a Professor of Humanities at the University of Arizona. Throughout she has maintained an abiding interest in both the theoretical and practical elements of writing and narrative and in literary theory. Tal has edited academic books, journal articles, fiction, and poetry for a variety of authors and publishers. She has been working for BIHAM since 2015.

  • Medical writing: rhetoric and pedagogy
  • Semiotics
  • Critical race and gender theory
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to psychological trauma