CONSIGN-International Meta-Analysis

Research question

To describe the use of medicines to treat COVID-19 in pregnancy and the effects of medicines used to treat COVID-19 on maternal, pregnancy and neonatal outcomes.


Project leader Prof. Miriam Sturkenboom (University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU), The Netherlands)
Project team

Prof. Miriam Sturkenboom (UMCU), Prof. Alice Panchaud (BIHAM), Dr Emeline Maisonneuve (BIHAM), Odette de Bruin (UMCU)

Partner(s) CONSIGN group (UMCU), International Network of Obstetrics Survey System (INOSS), University Oslo (Norway), Sentinel System (USA), US Food and Drug Administration (USA), SET-NET with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA), CAMCCO and Health Canada (Canada), Saudi Food and Drug Administration (Saudi Arabia), George Washington University (USA and other countries)
Doctoral student(s) Dr. Emeline Maisonneuve (BIHAM)
Study design Meta-Analysis on Electronic Health Care Records and Primary Care Registries on pregnant women with COVID-19
Study start
January 2022
Funder(s) European Medicines Agency (EMA)
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