Reduction of polypharmacy and potentially inadeqaute medication throug interprofessional collaboration in the home care setting

Research question

The focus of this project is on older home care patients with polypharmacy, who are supported in their medication use process by a professional home care organisation and who are at an increased risk for medication related problem.Through a structured interprofessional collaboration of pharmacists, home care nurses and general practitioners, potential medication related problems shall be identified and reduced.


Project leader
Prof. Dr. phil. II Carla Meyer-Massetti
Project team

Dr. med. Carole Aubert, primary care physician and clinical researcher, BIHAM
Marina Preisig, advanced practice nurse, Home care organization of the city of Lucerne (Spitex Stadt Luzern)

Doctoral student(s) Ursina Werni, licensed pharmacist
Partner(s) Home care organization of the city of Bern (Spitex Stadt Bern)
Kollegium für Hausarztmedizin, Fonds interprofessionalité
Study design Interprofessional interventional study in the realm of health services research
Study start
October 2021