Optimising the prescription of Proton Pump Inhibitors - DROPIT: a randomized clinical trial in the Swiss primary care setting

Research question

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are the most common treatment of gastric acid-related disorders, and their use is increasing. It can sometimes happen that these treatments are used for longer than necessary, or at higher than required doses.

The DROPIT study aims to evaluate an intervention to optimise the prescription of PPIs in the Swiss primary care setting.


Project leader Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Sven Streit
Prof. Dr. phil. Jennifer Inauen
Project core group PD Dr. med. Pascal Juillerat
Dr. phil. Michaela Barbier
Prof. Dr. phil. Sofia Carolina Zambrano Ramos
Dr. sc. Enriqueta Vallejo-Yagüe
Dr. phil. Katharina Jungo
Dr. phil. Kristie Weir
Dr. med. Martina Zangger
Renata Lüthold
Dr. phil. Angela Schulthess
Clémentine  Tombez
Yvonne Mattmann
Partner(s) Dr. phil. Samantha Chan
Jenal Flurina
Dr. phil. Marie Roumet
Nadine Uebersax
Project Advisory Board PD Dr. Sven Trelle
Prof. Nicolas Rodondi
Prof. Barbara Farrell
Dr. Carole Aubert
Prof. Doug Bauer
Dr. Jean-Pascal Fournier
Prof. Jeremy Grimshaw
Prof. Tijn Kool
Prof. S. Neuner-Jehle
Prof. Edoardo Savarino
Prof. Alain Schoepfer
Prof. M. Schwenkglenks
Prof. Oliver Senn
Prof. Anne Spinewine
Prof. David Schwappach
Project Stakeholders Isabelle Viva
Dr. Andrea Schindler
Nithaya Nothum
Dr. Bartek Niznik
Julia Wyss
Funder(s) Swiss National Science Foundation, Investigator initiated clinical trials (IICT)


Study design Cluster-randomized clinical trial
Study start


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