Efficacy, Safety and Toxicology of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems as an aid for smoking cessation: The ESTxENDS multicentre randomized controlled trial

Research question

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in Switzerland. Recently, electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS or e-cigarettes) have become popular with smokers who want to switch from tobacco cigarettes to ENDS to reduce their exposure to toxic compounds or to stop smoking. Only two rigorous RCTs have been published so far. They have promising, yet inconclusive results, as they were based on small samples. The safety and potential adverse effects of ENDS are also largely unknown.
The objectives of this study are to test the efficacy of ENDS for cigarette smoking cessation, test the safety of ENDS on adverse events and the effect of ENDS on reducing exposure to inhaled toxic compounds as well as on health-related outcomes (respiratory symptoms, oxidative stress, risk factors for heart disease).


Project leader Prof. Dr. med Reto Auer
Project team Dr. phil. Anna Schöni
Dr. phil. Micheline Maire
Doctoral student Cand Dr. Nicolas Sambiagio, Institut de Santé au Travail (IST), Lausanne
Co-Investigators Prof. Dr. med. Nicolas Rodondi, BIHAM
Prof. Dr. med. Jacques Cornuz, PMU Lausanne
PD Dr. med. Nancy Hopf, IST Lausanne
PD Dr. med. Jean-Paul Humair, Service de médecine de premier recours, HUG, Genève
Partner(s) PD Dr. med. Sven Trelle, CTU Bern
Dr. Aurélie Berthet, IST Lausanne
Dr. Jean-Jacques Sauvain, IST Lausanne
Dr. med. Isabelle Jacot-Sadowski, PMU Lausanne
PD Dr. med. Carole Clair, PMU Lausanne
Scientific Advisors Prof. Dr. med. Ivan Berlin, Paris
Prof. Dr. med. Jean-François Etter, Geneva
Prof. Dr. med. Konstantinos Farsalinos
Funder(s) SNF Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials
Study design

Randomised-controlled multicenter clinical Trial

Study start June 2017
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