PolygEnic Risk Score to Optimize primary preveNtion in intermediAte risk popuLation (PERSONAL) - a qualitative study and a randomized controlled trial.

Research question

Polygenic Risk Scores (PRSs), which aggregate the risk of common genetic variants associated with a specific disease, represent an emerging “risk-increasing factor” for coronary artery disease (CAD). PRS for CAD (CAD-PRS) has been shown to improve the predictive ability on top of clinical scores in observational studies. However, for adoption in the clinic and future reimbursement, the clinical utility of PRS in improving individual CV risk profile needs to be evaluated with proper randomized controlled trials (RCTs). Overall objective, specific Aims.
The overarching objective of the PERSONAL project is to demonstrate the clinical utility of CAD-PRS in improving the CV risk profile.
Our two specific Aims are to
1) identify patients’ and health care providers’  needs and apply them to create CAD-PRS interpretation tools;
2) perform a two-arm multicenter RCT to compare CV risk profile in patients randomized to CAD-PRS vs. no-PRS on top of standard-of-care


Project leader
Principal invastigator team
Funder(s) The trial is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).


Study design Aim 1) Qualitative study 2) Randomized controlled trial
Study start

2024 (planed)

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