PMCRC Study: Promoting Participatory Medicine in Colorectal Cancer Screening

Shared decision making in colorectal cancer screening in primary care

Research question

In Switzerland, only one in five people are tested for colon cancer. Most are not told that they should be tested, and that they have a choice of different tests.  The primary objective of the study is to measure screening activity in family medicine.  The measurement method will be used in a training program for family physicians, where they can improve their practice through discussion with their colleagues.  The goal is to increase the proportion of patients offered screening options, and reduce differences across family medicine practices.

Data collection in the Sentinella network

GPs taking part in the data collection on colorectal cancer screening in the Sentinella network will find an instructional video for completing the data collection sheet here:

Instructional video in German

Instructional video in French

Randomized controlled trial in the Sentinella network

GPs taking part in this study on colorectal cancer screening in the Sentinella network can download the interventional material:

  • Booklet German/French/Italian
  • Decision board German/Italian/French
  • Decision box German/French
  • Video interview on colorectal cancer screening

Interventional material


Project leader Prof. Dr. med Reto Auer
Project team Co-investigators:
Prof. Dr. med. Nikola Biller-Andorno (USZ, Zürich)
Prof. Dr. med. Jacques Cornuz (PMU, Lausanne)
PD Dr. Jean-Luc Bulliard (IUMSP, Lausanne)

Doctoral students:
Pract. med. Leo Braun
Cand. med. Emanuele Prati  
 MD Dissertation
Home visits in primary care (Meuli Nina)
We evaluate which factors are associated with the fact that the reasons for
a home visit could be wrong
Partner(s) Dr. med. Adrian Rohrbaser (Wil)
Dr. med. Cyril Ducros (FVDC, Lausanne)
Dr. med. Sebastien Jotterand (Aubonne)
Study design Cross-sectional survey, cluster randomized controlled trial, participatory research
Study start 01.04.2017
 Funder(s) Swiss National Science Foundation NRP 74 Smarter Health Care Grant #167519
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