MPK project - Quality of Care in patients with type 2 diabetes

Clinical Specialized Medical Assistants (CSMA; in German "Medizinische Praxiskoordinator_innen, MPK”) can relieve the burden on family physicians in diabetes care at a qualitatively high level of treatment. This is the conclusion of a study conducted by the team of Prof. Sven Streit at the Bern Institute of Family Medicine (BIHAM) on behalf of the Medical Association of the Canton of Bern BEKAG.

Research question

The cross-sectional study is the first study in Switzerland to examine the effects of CSMA's work. It compares the treatment of type 2 diabetes in 22 practices with and without CSMA in German-speaking Switzerland and includes about 170 patients who had been in treatment for at least one year in August 2020. One of the key findings was that the practices with CSMAs achieved equally good results in terms of treatment quality, satisfaction with treatment, and treatment burden as GP practices without CSMAs. The authors conclude that a "task shift" from GPs to CSMAs is possible. From blood glucose testing to foot exams to nutrition and exercise counseling, CSMAs can provide complex and time-intensive services to diabetes patients on an equal basis.

More information on the study:
Original study, puplished June 22, 2022, in Swiss Medical Weekly


Project leader Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Sven Streit
Project team

Anna-Katharina Ansorg, Katharina Tabea Jungo

Study design Cross-sectional study
Study start August 2020
Winner of the VBHK Award 2022